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Baltimore Books Announces Presses Are Rolling
February 16, 2005 - Baltimore Books is happy to announce a partnership
Baker & Taylor Book Distributors.  Dealers now have the
convenience of buying from a well-known and reliable, national distributor.

November 26, 2004 - Thank you to all our supporters for making Amazon
Super Sale Day a resounding success. We are now shipping more copies
to Amazon after they sold out and back-ordered more stock copies.

BALTIMORE-- Joshua Peabody announced today, September 11, 2004
that the presses were rolling on the company's premier edition of it's
Baltimore Books imprint, and books would be shipped on schedule for the
company's September 13 release date of Baltimore author Michael P.
Sakowski's adventure novel
The Enterprise Zone.  
"This is a monumental novel," said Mr. Peabody, the publisher and
president of Baltimore Books, "for several reasons. Not only is it our
company's first book under this imprint, but it is also a controversial novel
that is already causing a stir amongst reviewers. The author professes to
have discovered a relationship between certain patterns and the on-going
electrochemical processes of the human mind, and he says he has
incorporated some of those patterns into the novel. The result, as claimed
by him, is a different level of awareness that individuals will experience both
during and after reading the book.  We are particularly happy to be able to
strike such a coup with our first publication."  The company has adopted an
image of Baltimore's Washington Monument as its imprint logo.  

"We were proud to choose the Baltimore Washington Monument as our
imprint logo, largely because of its long history as a landmark of the city,
but also, because George Washington, perhaps more than any other
American, represents the embodiment of the spirit and leadership that
made this nation great," said Peabody.